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Only the Best Tango Shoes Made in Italy  make it to TangoTana

Beautiful, durable Italian leathers; Great quality cushioning; Excellent support is what makes these tango shoes unique. Made in Italy.  When you hold one of these shoes in your hands you will see the difference from what you have seen, right away. When you wear them you will be extremely happy, especially if you put mileage on the dance floor.



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What our Customers are saying…

“Amazing! 👌 Comfortable AND beautiful! 💗 Love them! 🧡I did bring a second pair both evenings for just in case, but didn’t need them 😃. And of course the audience loves them too, so I’ve been giving your info out to both boys and girls 😜
🙏 Thank you again for the wonderful recommendation and outstanding customer service! I am sure I will buy my next pair from you as well! Entonces shoes [tango shoes] are now my favorite! 👌
July 2022 (Seattle, Washington)


“My shoes are incredible — the comfort of a training shoe but stylish and, in the nude color, very spring!! I wore them for 4 hours last night. Amazing.”
April 2019 (Detroit, Michigan)

“They’re here!!!! 😀👍👍They are beautiful and fit great! Today is the first warm day here on the east coast. So they arrived just in time for spring! Now all I need is a Milonga!!! 🤗Thank you!”
March 2019 (Maryland).


“I got them! They are gorgeous and fit and I feel balanced in them. Thank you dear Simona. You and the shoes make me happy! I am delighted also about the last shoes [tango shoes] I bought from you.”
July 2018 (Atlanta, Georgia)

“I no longer feel the discrimination from having very few choices in men’s [tango] shoes… Most of the shoes I owned take between 12 to 20 hours dancing in them, to become well broken in. These shoes it only took about 3 hours…It’s like putting on well-crafted Italian leather racing gloves. These shoes are well made and with proper care I should get a lot of miles out of them.”
February 2018 (Seattle, Washington)

“I got the shoes today and they are awesome!! I think the fit is spot on and quality superb. Moreover, the leather interior heel cushion is fantastic. Thanks so much!”
January 2018 (Houston, Texas)

“The Entonces [tango shoes] are fabulous. Two nights of SF Tango Marathon and I am dancing longer than usual. I quit when my feet are done, and I wasn’t done but my carpool was ready to leave. I could really use my toes in each step and my friends told me how grounded I felt. And…I could lead in them.”
November 2017 (San Jose, California)

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